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Rules of the Action "Gifts with 2GIS"


1.1. The territory of the Action "Gifts with 2GIS" (hereinafter – Offer) — the Republic of Cyprus.

1.2. Terms of the Offer: from December 1, 2017 until February 28, 2018, both dates included.

1.3. Platform for the Offer – https://2gis.com.cy/cyprus

1.3.1. 2GIS LIMITED НЕ 305197, having its registered address at: 27 Evagorou A, office 11, Nicosia 1066, Cyprus is the Organizer of the Offer on the platform specified in para. 1.3.

1.3.2. Information about the Co-organizers of the Action is indicated in the Appendix.

1.3.3. The Co-organizers of The Prize fund of the Offer is formed at the expense of the Offer Organizer, Offer Co-organizers in terms of the main prizes. It is formed separately prior to the commencement of the Offer and is used solely for the provision of prizes to the winners.

1.5. The Offer is held in the manner and on the conditions defined in these Rules.

1.6. The aim of the Offer is to promote 2GIS among their end-users, attracting the attention of potential end-users to the capabilities and potential of 2GIS, increasing the commercial attractiveness of advertising and information services provided using 2GIS Products.

1.7. Definition used in these Rules.

2GIS Products — Business Listings and / or Digital Plans that can be distributed either as separate copies requiring installation on the User's hardware or be accessible through the network.

2GIS Business Listings — an electronic business listings containing information about the names, locations, telephones, e-mail and website addresses, types of goods (works, services) being produced and sold, and other data about the organizations and individual entrepreneurs located within a certain area, and other organizations at the discretion of its owner.

Digital Plan — an electronic map which contains geoinformation on geographic objects and settlements within the territory delimited by certain geographic coordinates.

End-user — the actual user of 2GIS Products.


2.1. The citizens of the Republic of Cyprus residing in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, which are users of 2GIS, registered and having an account in one of social networks ("Facebook") (hereinafter – Social network) can participate in the Offer.

2.2. The employees and representatives of the Organizer, Co-organizers of the Offer, if the latter takes part in organizing the Offer on the corresponding platform, as well as their affiliated entities, cannot participate in the Offer.

2.3. Those who do not meet the requirements of participants of this Offer are not eligible to participate in this Offer and to win a prize.

2.4. To become a participant of the Offer and participate in the selection of winners of the Offer and receive the prizes, it is necessary, within the period from 00:00h December 1, 2017 until 23-59h December 24, 2017 (inclusively), with the help of a field specially created by Organizer, if the latter takes part in the Offer on the corresponding platform, make a repost (to publish on their page in the Social network) in one or more Social networks, the text about the prize that they would like to win in the Offer, by clicking on the button located in the field, send the text (hereinafter — the Action corresponding to the Rules of the Offer). Repost should not be hidden by the privacy settings in a Social network.

2.5. Hereinafter the performance of the Actions specified in para. 2.4 is called sending applications for participation in the Offer.

2.6. One Participant has the right to apply for participation in the Offer an unlimited number of times, having made the required Action corresponding to the conditions of this Offer. One Participant can win one or more prizes, given the fact that while determining the winner for a specific prize only one Action of the Participant is considered. In one day several prizes can be given.

2.7. These Rules constitute a public offer addressed by the Organizer to all potential participants. Performance of Actions, specified in para 2.4. of these rules by the participant is considered as the unconditional consent of the participant to the terms and conditions. Since the moment of these steps completion, the Rules for a Participant and the organizer come into force as a legally significant agreement that defines the rights and obligations of specified persons associated with the organization and execution of the Offer.


3.1. The participants of the Offer are obliged to perform all actions connected with participation in this Offer and receiving of prizes in terms set forth in these Rules.

3.2. The organizer is obliged to choose the winner (or winners) of the Offer and provide her (them) the certificate(s) for the prize(s) within the terms established by the Rules.

3.3. Co-organizers of the Offer are obliged to provide the winner (winners) of the Offer with prizes in the terms forth in these Rules.

3.4. Suspension or early termination of the Offer shall not release the Organizer/co-organizers of the Offer from the necessity of giving certificates for the prizes, performing other necessary actions, in case of performing of the Actions specified in para. 2.4. of these Rules by participants.

3.5. Organizer/co-organizers of the Offer may not provide information about the Participant to the third parties, except cases stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.

3.6. Performing of Actions in accordance with para. 2.4. of these Rules means that the Participant agrees with these Rules. The participant recognized as the Winner in accordance with these Rules, may, at the request of the Organizer for promotional purposes, give an interview about the participation in the Offer, including for their further transmission on radio and TV and in other media, or shoot for production of graphic advertising materials without receiving any compensation for it. All exclusive rights to such interviews will belong to the Organizer.

3.7. The Organizer may, in its sole discretion and unilaterally, terminate or temporarily suspend the Offer if, for any reason, the Promotion cannot be conducted as planned, including any reason that cannot be controlled by the Organizer of the Offer that distorts or affects the performance, fairness, integrity or proper execution of the Offer.

3.8. The Organizer has the right to change the Rules, without specifying the reasons for the rule changes, but with a mandatory publication of the new edition of the Rules.

3.9. The participant of the Offer undertakes not to claim, post, publish, nor be the cause and/or the initiator of publishing on the Internet, in the media or otherwise, the materials that may damage the business reputation of the Organizer/Co-organizer, if the latter takes part in the Offer on the corresponding platform, leaving negative comments or in other way (negative feedback in written and oral form, etc.).

3.10. The Organizer/Co-organizers, if the latter takes part in the Offer on the corresponding platform, reserves the right not to enter into written negotiations or other contacts with the Participants, except as provided in these Rules.

3.11. A participant may withdraw from participation in the Offer by removing their reposts from their Social networks.


4.1. End-users of 2GIS, performed within the period from December 1, 2017 until December 24, 2017, Actions specified by these Rules are considered to have submitted an application to participate in the Offer, they become participants of the Offer and participate in determining the winner.

4.2. When the Participant performs the Action, the Organizer, if the latter takes part in the Offer on the corresponding platform, automatically recorders the time of each application sent by the Participants. Then the time of submission of each application is converted using the algorithm of cyclic redundant code into a unique fixed-length string that is stored in the database of the performed Action for the corresponding prize on the Platform. Unique strings are sorted by natural sorting method from the smallest to the largest. The database of the performed Actions of Participants is generated in the period from December 1, 2017 until 23-59h December 24, 2017 (inclusively).
Unique strings are used solely for the purpose of determining the winners of the Offer on the platform in respect of the corresponding prizes.

4.3. The results of the Offer and determining of the winner are performed by the Organizer on December 25, 2017. One Participant can only win once during the Offer period.

4.4. Average unique string for each database of performed Actions is recognized as winning, and the Participant who performed the Action, to which a unique string corresponds, — the winner (hereinafter — Winner). If the number of Participants is even, then between two Participants, falling on the average unique string, should be chosen the one, who made a repost earlier.

4.5. The results of the determining of Winners of the Offer are sent to the winner’s account on the Social network within 14 business days from the date of such determination, and shall be published by the Organizer, if the latter takes part in the Offer on the corresponding platform, on the corresponding Platform.


5.1. Unless otherwise is agreed individually with the Winners, the prizes are provided in case of appearance of the Winner in person at the address of the Organizer / Co-organizer of the Offer within the period until February 28, 2018 subject to the presentation of the certificate for receiving the prize from the Organizer, provided that the Winner of the Prize is awarded in the city, on 2GIS Product platform of which the Participant had performed the Action for which the Participant was declared the Winner.

5.2. The Organizer checks the information about the performed Action and the identity of the Winner. The certificate for the right to receive a prize can only be received by the person, whose name is specified in the Social network account of the Winner, or the Participant, who has confirmed the belonging of the account to a certain person. However, the provision of a certificate for the right to receive the prize is performed after the Winner’s identification.

5.3. Within 14 working days from the moment of the Winner selection, the representative of the Organizer contacts the Winners for arranging the order and, if required, the time or place of provision of the certificate for the prize. The certificate for the prize may be provided to the Winner both on paper and in electronic form.

5.4. The Participant who won the prize, until January 31, 2018, needs to provide the following information and documents, using a method agreed upon with the Organizer: copy of the passport/ID, a copy of T.I.C. (subject to availability) in electronic or paper format. Copies of documents must be clear, with readable letters and numbers, copies of passport/ID pages should contain the following data: about the passport series and number, the name of the authority that issued the passport/ID, indicating the Department code, the date of issuance of the passport/ID, surname, name, patronymic, date and place of birth, the information about the address of registration at the place of residence.

The winner undertakes not to provide the Organizer with the personal data of third parties, and not to disclose to the Organizer any information for any unlawful purpose or for any other purposes not relevant to objectives associated with the Offer.

Providing the Organizer with all the necessary documents and information, the Winner confirms that:
  • s/he has previously got acquainted with the conditions of the Offer Rules in full, the content of these Rules regulation is clear;
  • s/he accepts all the conditions of the Rules in full, without any exemptions and restrictions.
  • all personal data submitted to the Organizer belong personally to the Winner.
5.5. The winner is able to fulfill a tax obligation associated with receiving of the Prize in kind in accordance with the Tax code of the Republic of Cyprus. Organizer/Co-organizer in terms of Main Prizes informs the tax authority at the place of their accounting about the impossibility to withhold the tax from the Winner and about the amount of the tax.

5.6. The prize, unclaimed until February 28, 2018, is used by the Organizer/Co-organizer of the Offer at their discretion. The provision of the prize after February 28, 2018 is possible at the discretion of the Organizer/Co-organizer of the Offer.

5.7. From the moment of receiving of the Prize by the Winner the latter bears the risk of its accidental loss or damage.

5.8. The Offer prizes cannot be exchanged for any other equivalent, including money.

5.9. At the time of provision and distribution, the prizes are in a good condition and ready for use in accordance with their purpose. Obligations of the Organizer/Co-organizer regarding the quality of prizes is limited by warranties provided by their manufacturers/sellers. Parameters and characteristics, color and equipment and other properties of the prizes are determined at the discretion of the Organizer/Co-organizer.


6.1. Performance of Actions in accordance with para. 2.4. of these Rules means that the Participant agrees with these Rules.

6.2. The participants are informed about the Offer conditions by placing information materials about the Offer on the Platforms, or otherwise at the choice of the Organizer of the Offer.

6.3. By participating in the Offer, each Participant consents to the distribution of information about the Offer in by any way at the choice of the Organizer.

6.4. When submitting applications the Participant gives unconditional consent to the use of their personal data by the Organizer, if the latter takes part in the Offer on the corresponding platform, in connection with the Offer and in accordance and in the manner prescribed by the Data Protection Act of Cyprus, Cap. 138 (I)/2001 ,EU Directive 2002/58 on Privacy and Electronic Communications.

6.5. The winner of the Offer, providing their passport/ID and other data according to the rules of sections 5 and 7 of these Rules, for the purpose of obtaining a certificate for the right to receive the prize / the mainprize, willingly and for own benefit, provides an unlimited consent to the Organizer, if the latter takes part in the Offer on the corresponding platform, to the processing of their personal data (surname, name, patronymic, gender, passport data (passport series and number, issuing authority, date of issue), date of birth, nationality, address, residence, T.I.C., telephone number), including any action (operation) or set of actions (operations) performed with use of means of automation or without use of such means with personal data including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, provision (distribution, granting, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data for purposes of fulfilment of the obligations which have arisen or may arise on the Organizer part in connection with the Offer provision, including, but not limited to:
  • contacting the Participants in relation to the Offer, including the use of telecommunication networks, including the sending of SMS-messages;
  • providing certificates for the right to receive a prize, given to the Participant recognized as a Winner in accordance with these Rules;
  • informing the tax authority in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Republic of Cyprus about the impossibility of withholding taxes from the Winner and about the amount of the tax.
The Organizer/Co-organizer concerning the taxation is guided by the legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.

The deadline for the processing of personal data is determined by the achievement of the goal of personal data processing, with the exception of cases of refusal of the personal data subject from the processing of personal data and sending a document with a request to cease the processing of the personal data and to destroy the personal data to the Organizer emails, in terms of the Main prizes.

6.6. Each party of the Offer acknowledges that the difficulties encountered in connection with the use of the Internet for the Offer, changing the speed and network congestion in particular, can lead to interruptions and interference in the performance of Actions or determination and/or notification of the Winner. The participant excludes any possible liability of the Organizer, if the latter takes part in the Offer on the corresponding platform, in relation to any (temporary, planned or unplanned, and/or the partial or complete) failure or temporary outage (for maintenance, updates, or out other works) of the Platforms on which the Action is being performed.


7.1. The promotion, these Rules, and any activities of the Participant and the Organizer/Co-organizer, if the latter takes in the Offer on the corresponding platform associated with the Offer are regulated by the laws of the Republic of Cyprus.

7.2. Organizer (in connection with the determination of the Winner of the Main prize) has the right to send the Participant an informational message to the account on the Social network, which was used by a Participant when performing the Actions.

Last updated December 01, 2017